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What's the story Ireland?!

If you are looking for a nice pint of Guinness and good stories to tell to your friends, just head to Ireland!
I am suspect when we talk about Ireland as I lived there for 3 years got some special feelings for this country, but it couldn't be different.

Short Trip (if you are going to stay for 3-4 days):
 Packing - Doesn't matter the season, bring your raincoat or you will have to buy it there. Umbrellas don't work in this country because of the wind. Don't worry it's gonna be windy, anytime, any day. Boots are welcome, it will probably rain a little during your walking.

To Go:
If you're in Dublin, go to Dublin Castle, on the south side of Liffey River, you can take the buses 77a, 56a or 49, check the route at dublinbus.ie
Nowadays it is a major Irish government complex, but once it was where King John lived, first Lord of Ireland, 18th Century.

Liffey river will be on your way. It's at the end of O'Connell Street, one of the famous streets of Dublin. Stop during the sunset and take a picture.
O´Connel St. has the General Post Office of Ireland, it's one of the main buildings of Ireland and it has a Museum inside with a copy of  Proclamation of Irish Republic. Free entrance.
Saint Patrick Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland, founded in 1191 it is not so far from Christ Church Cathedral, both located in D8. Entrance is 5.50 euros per person if you book online www.stpatrickscathedral.ie
Trinity College is one of the famous colleges in Europe and it has a library which is an inspiration! You can stop there on the way to Grafton Street, most famous top brands shops in Dublin.
Sunset - Liffey River

General Post Office

Saint Patrick Cathedral (inside)
Saint Patrick Cathedral
Trinity College - Front door

Trinity College
Grafton Street

You definitely need to go to Guinness Store House. Many rooms where you can interact with the beer process. At the top of the old factory you have Gravity Bar, where you enjoy a nice pint of Guinness with a stunning view of Dublin city.
Room with Guinness Advertisements
Gravity Bar

You can pick one of you nights to go to a traditional Irish Dance and Dinner, my favorite place is Arlington Hotel - Temple Bar. Dinner is great, there is a fantastic Irish band and the climax is the Irish dancing.
You must go to Temple Bar District, where is the most famous pub of Ireland - The Temple Bar. Be ready to pay some extra euros for your pints in this place, but you must to go at least one night.

The Temple Bar
Irish Band - Arlington Hotel
Irish Dancing - Arlington Hotel

You have planty of places to stay in Dublin. I recommend to stay in city centre as most of the places you can go by walk. 
If you are traveling in a low budget, Generator Hostel is a nice choice.

At night:
If you rather be in a Club than a Pub, there is a street in town called Hardcourt with loads of clubs, most of them you have to pay entrance. If you don't mind to pay a taxi, go to The Wright Venue, it's next to Dublin Airport and it is the best club in Dublin. Taxi might cust 25euros from city centre.

Share your story with us.

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